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Chinese customer decided to buy proven Siempelkamp technology: SciSky ordered a particleboard plant

Krefeld, September 15, 2017 – The significance of Siempelkamp’s expertise in the wood-based materials industry was again affirmed by a new order from Asia. The Chinese company Nanning Shuixin Ketien (SciSky) ordered a particleboard line to become estab-lished in a new area of wood-based materials.

The order for the particleboard plant includes the forming and press line with a 9th generation 8’ x 30.5m ContiRoll® press. The machinery is driven by the innovative drive concept ContiRoll Ecodrive, the new standard drive for the ContiRoll®. Its key performance indicators and energy efficiency are convincing: The system provides plant operators with energy savings of at least 7 % under full load operation and up to 14 % under partial load operation. The scope of supply for this order also includes a cooling and stacking line as well as a storage system. The system will be especially suited for the processing of formaldehyde-free resins – for SciSky a special advantage because of the company’s commitment to non-toxic living environments.

SciSky, which is headquartered in Lanzhou in the north-west Chinese province of Gānsù, is a global supplier of home decorations and furniture. The Chinese company is also established as producer of water-based coatings and paints as well as other water-based agents for interior construction. From now on SciSky will conquer new markets in the wood-based materials industry with the first plant at the Wuming location in the province of Guangxi. This plant will manufacture wood-based panels as well as furniture. Because Siempelkamp enjoys a high reputation as a quality supplier for modern wood-based panel production plants in China, SciSky chose the Krefeld-based company as the partner to implement its ambitious objectives. 

The expertise of the Siempelkamp subsidiaries Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in Zweibrücken, Germany, and CMC Texpan in Colzate, Italy, were also in demand for this order: The size reduction specialist Pallmann contributes five knife ring flakers, two surface layer mills, and one sanding robot. CMC Texpan and its expertise in front-end technology is also represented. The company will supply screening machines for dry chips, two sifters for surface and core layers, and the resin blending system. In this way Siempelkamp is presented as a strong partner in large-scale plant construction which provides all products and services from one source within its own Group.

The installation of the plant is scheduled for May 2018, the startup for October 2018.

caption: Signing of the contract in China: Wang, Dong Tao (General Manager Nanning Shuixin Ketien) with Andreas Krott (Siempelkamp)

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