08 June 2018

Customized finishing solutions. Turnkey installations, all from one source!

Venjakob is an international operating manufacturer of fully automated surface technology.

Venjakob sets standards with innovative, customized finishing solutions including:

-Cleaning devices

-Pre-treatment Units

-Fully automated spray coating machines

 (paint line automation, robotic paint finishing)

-Handling and conveyor technology

-Drying systems / ovens (UV, IR and convection)

-Exhaust gas purification plants


Experience over decades supplemented about qualified and motivated employees made the company become an internationally operating and acknowledged technology leader.


Venjakob provides various system solutions for applying liquid materials on different kind of workpieces in different geometries.

Benefit from Venjakob cross-industrial knowledge!

The company with headquarters in Germany provides innovative coating solutions for applying liquid materials on different kind of workpiece materials and geometries. (Functional coating/decorative coating, glue application…)


Intensive product developments generate a broad portfolio of standard and customized system solutions for fully automatic surface finishing.

Those finishing solutions are established worldwide in the following industries (extract):

  • wood & furniture
  • automotive industry (interior + exterior)
  • building site (fiber cement / ceiling tiles + acoustic ceiling panels)
  • steel & metal (sheets + tubes & pipes)
  • ceramic
  • glass
  • plastic
  • aero-space

Venjakob, always a suitable finishing solution.

Simply let our team know your requirements and we will develop a solution, together with you.


Venjakob Latino América

Mr. Javier Liria

Laguna Norte 20

934000 Colina – Santiago De Chile


Phone: + 56 9 3322 7397

E-Mail liria@venjakob.es


Venjakob North America Inc.

Mrs. Cheryl Davidson

130 Healey Road, Unit 18

Bolton, Ontario L7E 5B3


Phone: +1 905 951 9966

Email: Cdavidson@venjakob.de



Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Ausgburger Strasse 2-6

33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrueck


Phone: +49 5242 9603-0

Email: info@venjakob.de

link:  https://bit.ly/2DLdT0v