Published on : Saturday, June 1, 2019

After giving a boost to the wood working industry for five days, the largest woodworking show in world, LIGNA 2019 ended on an impressive note. The world’s leading wood working and machinery fair created fertile climate for investors. Smart, futureproof solutions were the key agenda at the five day long show.


This year the show highlighted that the technology users are now “getting smart” with regard to digitisation and automation. Major emphasis was given on integrated solutions enabling companies of all sizes – from niche woodworking firms to large-scale manufacturers – to meet current market demands and prepare for future challenges. “LIGNA has clearly underscored its reputation as the global woodworking and wood processing industry’s definitive event, and the place of choice for unveiling the latest innovations,” discussed Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. Around 1,500 exhibitors from 50 nations visited the venue for five days and witnessed the impressive solutions for the future, making innovations tangible and easy to grasp for users from every sector of the industry, on a scale unrivalled throughout the world.


The focus was on digitisation, automation, robotics and revolutionary surface technology applications, LIGNA’s exhibitors played a key role in driving technological advancement. Technologies considered to be visionary at the previous LIGNA have now become reality. “LIGNA 2019 demonstrated that we have taken a big leap forward in the direction of digital wood processing, and that interest in advanced technology is running high throughout the world,” opined Pekka Paasivaara, President of the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, CEO of HOMAG Group AG and member of the Board of Management of Dürr AG. “It is truly amazing to meet up with so many customers from around the world interesting in making specific capital investments. The new solutions on display are relevant to small firms and large industrial processors, alike. This gives us all good cause for optimism.”


“This year, LIGNA showed again that it is the world’s top trade fair for the wood processing industry. LIGNA attracts a high number of visitors from around the world so, from a commercial standpoint, it is the best platform for presenting new and innovative machines and process solutions. LIGNA 2019 featured a large number of robotics solutions for production process automation. For many machinery manufacturers, robotics-based automation offers exciting new development opportunities and solutions. We decided to showcase the Bacci Group’s entire product range at LIGNA 2019 and are pleased to say it was a great success. We offer our sincere thanks to the LIGNA team and are looking forward to coming back again in 2021” Dr. Giuseppe Bacci, CEO BACCI, Pradamano UD, Italy.


Canzio Costantini, CEO of Biesse Group Iberica and Portugal futher added, “This year’s LIGNA was a fantastic show for us. We met a lot of customers from Spain and Portugal, and received numerous orders worth several million euros. LIGNA is the only place where we can seal such major deals and connect with an international audience. One example was the order for a turnkey manufacturing plant from a high-end furniture maker from Spain. We offer solutions that enable manufacturers to boost their competitiveness and increase their level of automation without sacrificing flexibility.”


Jürgen Schröer, CEO, and Olaf Rohrbeck, CSO/CTO, Robert Bürkle GmbH, Freudenstadt, Germany further added, “This year’s LIGNA earned its stripes again as the world’s most important tradeshow for our industry. We had a great response to our tradeshow motto ‘Technology Arena’, our significantly enlarged display stand, and our inclusion of new technologies in the process chain. The inquiries we fielded during the show were markedly better than in 2017, both in terms of quantity and quality. Despite the current subdued business climate, we were highly satisfied with what we achieved at LIGNA.”
The next LIGNA is organised from May 10 to 14 2021 in Hannover, Germany. The five day show, thus wrapped up in a grad way.