Green labels: a key differentiator

In recent years, companies have recognized the need to create sustainable products in compliance with consumer expectations in whom the interest in sustainable furniture continues to grow as green technology becomes a pillar of everyday life. Since this aspect is now understood as compulsory it therefore is a key differentiating factor of business.

The latest growth of the wood processing and furniture manufacturing industries is to a great extent due to increased capacity in the market for organic products.  This trend is verifiable in the use of “green labels” by some of the biggest players in the industry aiming to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In order to keep up with such changes, manufacturers must find materials i.e. high performance adhesives, which are free of hazardous chemicals that are otherwise required to declare on their labels.

We are certain that manufacturers will continue to look for this competitive advantage by producing highly durable furniture made with eco-friendly materials. This is why MEM Industrial 2020 has set sustainability as one of its 3 main themes. In our role as the leading exhibition for this industry, we consider one of our most important missions to understand the challenges facing this sector and to respond by promoting innovations that effectively contribute to maximize business efficiency while helping professional buyers to find sustainable solutions for their productive processes. MEM 2020 will showcase numerous brands fully committed to sustainability as well as relevant technologies developed to minimize waste and to reduce environmental impact.