Individualization and digitalization: rising trends

Surface technologies have the power to transform materials, from reducing wear, to repelling water and impurities or even acting as a filter. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the full length of added value in the treatment and finishing of surfaces: from pre-treatment, coating and after-treatment to the final product.

Currently, there is a growing trend towards product individualization that results in a vast array of new processes and surface technology solutions. As previously mentioned, this may involve any phase and technique, such as: sanding, brushing, pressing, spraying and polishing or 3D and digital printing. As for the latter, it is perhaps one of the most relevant technologies as it provides a cost-effective way to respond quickly and flexibly to latest trends.

Also worthy of notice, surface technologies offer a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the current demand for product individualization, this raises relevant questions such as what is the current and future impact of digitalization within this industry? And how can companies successfully meet the challenges of rapidly changing energy and environmental regulations? This is precisely the reason why energy and resource saving coating solutions are gaining more attention.

Among the various themes and developments in this industry, global attention in the coming years will undoubtedly focus directly on digitalization. New technologies as well as the increase in quality and environmental requirements will be the main drivers of innovation in the foreseeable future. Innovative solution providers with efficient use of resources can expect to benefit from such growing demand.