MEM Industrial and its Leadership in Latin America

The event was a confluence of new ideas and dialogue for those engaged in the woodworking and furniture industry

Wednesday was a day of jubilation for the woodworking and furniture industry in Mexico. Those of us who attended the opening of MEM Industrial, the sector’s leading tradeshow, were moved by a sense of real enthusiasm for what was happening at Centro Citibanamex.

A confluence of new ideas and dialogue for those of us engaged in the woodworking and furniture industry, the event was attended by the Mexican Association of Suppliers of the Woodworking and Furniture Industry (AMPIMM), the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN), Protectora de Bosques del Estado de México, the National Timber Industry Chamber (CANAINMA), and the ministries of Economic Development for Estado de México and Mexico City, among countless others.

One highlight was the announcement of a partnership between MEM Industrial and Tecnomueble of Jalisco. The news was given jointly by Hannover Fairs México and the Jalisco Association of Furniture Manufacturers (AFAMJAL), who are confident this will establish MEM Industrial as the industry’s leading tradeshow in Latin America and turn it into a symbol of unity and fraternity.

Equally newsworthy was the presence of young people at this year’s edition. Yesterday AMPIMM did the honors by presenting three talented young Mexicans who competed in its Furniture Design Awards (PREDIM) with their prizes. The project that took home first prize was Cobani, a coffee table that recoups traditional woodworking techniques and that received a great deal of praise, while showcasing the UNAM as a seedbed for industrial design talent. In establishing these awards, AMPIMM aims to motivate industrial designers and help them form closer ties with companies operating in the sector.

Breathing a gust of fresh air into the event was the theme of sustainability. CONAFOR and Reforestamos gave conferences underscoring the importance of using certified wood and of taking care of our forests, based on the premise that sustainability is the key to productivity.

There are 130 exhibitors taking part in the 2020 edition of MEM Industrial, which takes up 14,000 square meters of exhibition floor abuzz with enthusiasm, a sense of unity and a drive to professionalize the sector. AMPIMM brands set the bar, launching innovative surface technologies, new textiles and machinery that left many of us speechless.

Today is the last day of MEM Industrial, so be sure to visit Centro Citibanamex if you get the chance – admission is free of charge. I am in no doubt whatsoever that this edition will be one of success stories, sales and new business opportunities … and that next year will bring us even more jaw-dropping innovations.

By Christian Clapes