• MEM Industrial–Tecno Mueble Internacional 2021, the leading event in the woodworking and furniture industry, opens preregistration today.
  • The expo will take place on August 18-21, 2021 at Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco, in compliance with stringent hygiene and sanitization protocols.
  • The 2021 edition will feature a Makeathon, where young creators will attempt to solve the design challenges addressed at the event.

 GDL, JAL. March 2, 2021. The opening of preregistration for MEM Industrial–Tecno Mueble Internacional 2021 was announced today at a virtual press conference by Hannover Fairs México CEO Bernd Rohde, Coordinator of the Expo Committee of the Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (Afamjal) Enrique Ruíz Castro and ImpactMX Director and Co-founder of Makers for Good Óscar Velázquez. The leading event catering to the woodworking and furniture industry, MEM Industrial–Tecno Mueble Internacional 2021 will take place on August 18-21 at Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco.

On announcing the expo’s program of activities, Rohde said that “as a result of the merging of MEM Industrial and Tecno Mueble Internacional, as of 2021 we are the leading event in Mexico and Latin America for the woodworking and furniture industry. Here, professional buyers can gain access to know-how, technologies and materials from the entire value chain, which they can use to boost their competitiveness, reactivate the domestic economy and internationalize their products. The partnership comes into effect in 2021, but will be continued at future events. Another advantage of the merger is that we will be able to alternate venues: on even years, it will take place in Mexico City and on odd years, like 2021, at Expo Guadalajara.”

According to Rohde, another plus of the event is that all MEM Industrial-TMI exhibitors and visitors will also be afforded admission to Expo Mueble Internacional, a furniture expo that will be held on the same dates at Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Meanwhile, Afamjal Expo Committee Coordinator Enrique Ruiz stressed how important the furniture industry is to the country in general and Jalisco in particular, where it employs some 24,500 people. “Hence the importance of complementing the productive chain with first-class machinery and inputs, without forgetting the forestry sector, which is equally critical to Mexico, a country that has approximately 137 million hectares of forest and jungle.”

MEM Industrial-Tecno Mueble Internacional, he said, “will bring together suppliers of the furniture and woodworking industry, setting the stage for some interesting business ventures in a controlled environment, especially from the health perspective, one that complies with sanitization protocols to ensure buyers and exhibitors feel at ease.”

Óscar Velázquez concluded by commenting on the Makeathon @MEM Industrial-TMI 2021, which will target designers, engineers and creative talents from different disciplines. Participants will be asked to use 3D modeling and digital manufacturing processes to come up with furniture solutions in the categories of home, work and city. “The Makeathon,” he said “is a creative marathon that fosters close ties, collaboration, the sharing of ideas and direct communication between representatives of the furniture industry and creators. It is a way of cultivating emerging talents in design and digital manufacturing in Mexico, while promoting the adaption, redesign and reinvention of products, processes and materials that will serve as models for the industry of the future. To register for the competition, visit the MEM Industrial-TMI 2021 website.”

MEM Industrial–Tecno Mueble Internacional 2021 will also feature a conference program focused on three main themes: sustainability throughout the value chain; the role of design; and the importance of digitalization in the industry. Over 5,000 professional buyers are expected to attend the event on August 18-21 at Expo Guadalajara, where over 200 leading brands will be showcasing their wares on 11,000 square meters of exhibition space.

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