About Expo Guadalajara

Expo Guadalajara is the country’s largest, most versatile convention center. Boasting a solid reputation in Latin America, it is the ideal venue for expos, congresses and events of all kinds.

The modular setup of Expo Guadalajara is comprised of 32 areas spread over two floors that can be divided into 57 halls to cater to different types of events. Other facilities include 15 spacious entrances to the exhibition floor, functional lobbies that can handle traffic of up to 60,000 people a day, a forum for musical, cultural and social events, an open-air exhibition area for sporting events, exhibitions and concerts, and 1,912 parking spaces.

Expo Guadalajara also offers broadband, wireless Internet services with speeds ranging from 100 to 1,000 Mbps and the capacity to support up to 28,000 simultaneous connections, in addition to managed services per event, timed access control and/or connections depending on flows, plus the capacity to handle different network IDs.

Expo Guadalajara is the only exhibition venue in Mexico with its own foundation— Fundación Expo Guadalajara—, whose two main goals are to foster social development in Jalisco and a culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR).