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Inter-Ministerial Group for the Prevention of Forest Fires

It is people who are responsible for 97% of forest fires in Mexico
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MEM Industrial and its Leadership in Latin America

The event was a confluence of new ideas and dialogue for those engaged in the woodworking and furniture industry
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MEM Industrial and Lean Manufacturing in Mexico

By Gregorio Aspeitia, Stiles Machinery Regional Sales Manager Many companies in Mexico, including those in the woodworking and furniture industries, have opted for lean manufacturing in a bid to become more competitive. The concept, which is focused on reducing waste and improving the efficiency of production processes, has been around for some time now.
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The Use of Certified Timber Protects Forests

The certification processes promoted by the FSC ensure forests are managed sustainably, preventing net losses and maintaining the diversity and balance of their ecosystems in the long term
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Professionalization of the Woodworking Industry

MEM Industrial 2020 Promotes Woodworking and Furniture Industry in Mexico 200 leading brands from the forestry, woodworking and furniture industries will be participating in the event. CONAFOR and Reforestamos will be representing the forestry industry with sustainability and training initiatives. Winners of the Makers for Good @ MEM Industrial 2020 makeathon, the Furniture Design Awards...
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The Change in Paradigm from “Made In” to “Designed In”

German industry turned a corner when it began sophisticating its design processes
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Mexico: A Leading Market for CNC Machining

Technology doesn’t work in a vacuum; even automated machines need trained operators
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The Enormous Potential of Mexico’s Furniture Industry

Mexico is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of height-adjustable rotating seats and the eighth-largest of wooden chairs and seats
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Fablabs and Makeathons: From MIT to the Mexican Furniture Industry

A makeathon is a race in which teams vie to pitch prototypes that solve specific problems
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