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The Makathon Makers for Good @ MEM Industrial was aimed at artists, designers, engineers and creatives from different disciplines who generated furniture proposals using 3D modeling and digital manufacturing. Fourteen finalists participated and received a training program provided by Asia Robotics, Fablab Impact, Fablab DF, Hettich, Tecnotabla and SolidWorks, through their authorized distributor Diseño y Manufactura Digital (DMD). All the finalists had the opportunity to visit the Tecnotabla plant in Tabasco.

The finalist projects of Makathon Makers for Good @ MEM Industrial were exhibited during MEM Industrial 2020. The three winners were:

  • First place was awarded to “En la Lagu”, by Paola Montaño and Ivan Chavez, who won a trip to Germany to visit the Hettich plant.
  • Second place went to GARI, by Susana Garcia and Daniela Rioja, who won a trip to Jalisco to visit the Asia Robotics plant and travel on the Tequila Express.
  • Third place went to WUD, by Maura and María Morfín, who won a Wacom design tablet from Solid Works.

See the finalist projects:

Makathon 2021 in the making … coming soon!