parts2clean 2019 (22 a 24 de octubre):

Safe Processes for Clean Parts, Trends, Innovations and Know-how,  

Safe Processes for Clean Parts, Trends, Innovations and Know-how,

How competitive manufacturers are in the future will depend increasingly on their ability to take on new challenges for the cleaning of industrial parts efficiently and effectively in the present. The parts2clean fair showcases all the latest trends, innovative solutions and know-how you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Hannover. Like other sectors, the industrial parts and surfaces cleaning industry has been impacted by the digital transformation, while modified parts now require new approaches, technologies and innovative materials, and processes must comply with more rigorous standards in terms of stability, understandability and economy, “The parts2clean fair showcases a wide range of international solutions for the cleaning of industrial parts using safe, efficient processes,” says Olaf Daebler, global director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe AG, adding that “The exhibitors have come up with some highly efficient solutions to meet cleaning requirements, both present and future.” The International Industrial Parts and Surfaces Cleaning Tradeshow will take place on October 22- 24 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Innovations and Improvements to Meet Every Need

“The parts2clean tradeshow offers leading companies in the sector a platform where they can introduce their latest developments to an international audience,” says Daebler. Innovations include solutions for the deburring and cleaning of separate parts in one single process in short cycles, helping companies meet highly differentiated cleaning requirements, while new and improved wet-chemical cleaning technologies achieve better results in less time. parts2clean also features exhibitors with solutions tailored to meet the new and ever-changing needs of the electromobility and medical technologies sectors, such as dry-cleaning processes that can be seamlessly integrated into linked  cleaning processes. Innovations in other sectors will also be on display, some related to the cleaning process itself, others to the oversight and control of cleaning parameters or to service and maintenance, or automation and digitalization. 

Special Displays Showcase the Present and Future of Industrial Parts Cleaning

“Along with the exhibitor displays, our high-level supporting program offers visitors information on all kinds of topics, as well as invaluable parts cleaning innovations and know-how,” says Daebler. The special “QSREIN 4.0” display, organized by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FIT) is understood as a starting point for talks on process solutions based on the condition of parts and the cleaning processes these require, including both the optimization of existing processes and solutions for new concepts.

The trend toward automated cleaning and operating management solutions, and the need for related data are integrated in the special exhibition “Parts Cleaning 4.0 in the Praxis”, which will be held in collaboration with Stäubli, a Swiss mechatronics company. 

Likewise, the “Parts Cleaning Process with Final Results Control” is a chance for visitors to familiarize themselves with and document the different steps involved in the industrial parts cleaning process in the hands of technical experts.

The Bilingual Technical Forum: A Source of Information and Know-how Par Excellence

The parts2clean program features a three-day Technical Forum coordinated by Fraunhofer-Allianz Reinigungstechnik and FIT, For some time now, this forum has ranked among the most highly valued international sources of know-how in the field of industrial parts and surface cleaning. High-level speakers with backgrounds in industry, science and research leave no room for doubt that digital transformation, artificial intelligence, simulation and the optimization of computerized processes are already present in the industrial parts cleaning industry. Visitors can catch six lectures with German-English interpretation services: “Cleaning Procedures, Cleaning-Drying and Quality Cleanliness Maintenance”, “QSREIN 4.0”–“Solutions for Processes Conceived for the Future of Industrial Parts Cleaning”, “Digitalization and Automation”, “Analytics and Technical Cleaning” and “Applied Cleaning”. The full program can be consulted on the homepage of parts2clean. Admission is free for fairgoers.

Guided Tours: The Best Path to the Optimal Solution

Our Guided Tours are intended to show parts2clean visitors who are new to the industrial parts and surface cleaning sector the quickest path to stands offering solutions, innovations and suppliers that meet their individual needs throughout the process chain. Tours last approximately two hours and are given in groups of 25 in English by an expert guide, and are available during the three days of the event.

Deutsche Messe AG

A world leader in the organization of capital goods fairs in Germany and abroad, Deutsche Messe AG reported revenues of 310 million euros in 2018, positioning it among the top five fair organizers in Germany. The company’s portfolio features key international fairs, such as (listed in alphabetical order): didacta (education), DOMOTEX (carpets and floor coatings), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technologies), INTERSCHUTZ (firefighters, rescue, civil protection and safety), LABVOLUTION (laboratory techniques) and LIGNA (tools, machinery and equipment for processing and the transformation of timber). Deutsche Messe organizes other tradeshows in different parts of Germany, such as parts2clean (industrial parts and surface cleaning) and SurfaceTechnology, while the Hannover fairgrounds regularly host guest events that represent key fairs in their respective sectors: AGRITECHNICA (agricultural techniques, organized by the German Agricultural Society-DLG), EuroTier (livestock production, also organized by DLG), EMO (machine tools, organized by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association-VDW), EuroBLECH (sheet metal production, organized by Mack Brooks) and IAA Nutzfahrzeuge (transportation, logistics and mobility, organized by the German Automotive Industry Association VDA). Deutsche Messe’s portfolio also extends to events organized in Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the United States, such as tradeshows catering to the automotive, ICT and digital business, manufacturing and processing, energy and logistics, and metalworking sectors. The company has a payroll of over 1,200 employees and 58 sales partners, and boasts a presence in one-hundred countries.


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